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Kitchen Renovations


The Benchtop Solutions team specialise in custom kitchen renovations for domestic and commercial clients. We incorporate all elements of design, quality, and style with an experienced workmanship of over 25 years to ensure your kitchen renovation will meet your needs for years to come. 

While we can provide you with a brand new custom kitchen, sometimes all it takes is a benchtop replacement. By replacing your current benchtop, your kitchen will come alive with a fresh new look. Kitchen doors can also be a problem. Damaged, or simply outdated. You will be surprised how new doors can create a completely new image. Simply replacing benchtops and cabinet doors can create outstanding results in your kitchen.

So here at Benchtop Solutions, we understand that not everybody wants or needs their whole kitchen replaced, so replacing only what you need, is the most logical solution.

We also complete full custom bathroom & laundry renovations. For further information, or for a quote for your next renovation project, contact us.